Hello and Welcome to Riverwolf’s Realm
I have experienced and explored many journeys and paths and I have received teachings from so many great teachers throughout my life. I am a qualified Counsellor, Reiki practitioner and Professional Tarot Reader.

There are so many paths that each of us can take in our journey through this life. Whether it is via traditional religious traditions, Tarot, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, connecting with healing energies, journeying inwards or seeking out from time to time other like communities to share with; Riverwolfs Realm is about finding space and learning in a deep way how to make these connections. You can contact me via this site and make a personal appointment, correspond via email, join one of the groups or follow me on Facebook.

It does not matter what your age, culture or state of health. If you are looking to learn what direction your higher good lies, are interested in working towards the higher good of others and our mother earth, then your path is the right one. A visit to Riverwolf's Realm will guide you on your way.

The key lies in the quality of your connections not in the link itself or how many links you have. Since our beginning humans have been drawn to be connected to "mother nature" and in doing so have felt grounded and connected to our higher self. This is our natural state; a state of balance and wellbeing; in tune with the universe around us.

However form time to time we can all feel stuck, feel like we are standing at a crossroad unable to decide which way to go. Left alone at this crossroad life can manifest many complex issues. We can feel lost, confused or develop ill health. In many cases if we can learn to tune into our own inherent wisdom we can find out what our true needs are that will support us on a path back to well being and balance.

By learning to re-engage your psychic abilities, crossing over different realms through the Tarot cards, receiving healing energy though Reiki and charka work, adding meditation to your busy schedule, and learning the body's natural institutive power using colour and sound therapy you can re-connect with your own realms in a deep way.

For me a key part of having a fulfilling life is to continually explore both my inner worlds and outer worlds. To always work towards my higher good and for the higher good of others. This is one of the lessons my teachers taught me. To each and every one of them I give my grateful thanks. I am a teacher and a student at the same time. They offered me their experiences and wisdom but never their dogma. In the end we all need to seek our own experiences. And so it is here.

Explore, Engage your curiosity, Relax, Return and Learn