About Riverwolf
I have loved and admired wolves as long as I can remember and while spending some time in Canada I was invited to visit what was described as a “wolf reserve”. I know that the owners had good intentions but I was saddened by what I saw. Indeed I cried for my wolf spirit. I remember most one particular young wolf standing on the other side of the river (actually a creek that ran through his enclosure).

I was overwhelmed with compassion and at the same time respect for this magnificent animal. Even though he was enclosed in this defined space I could sense that he was still connected to all of nature and to mother earth outside this man made world. This was Riverwolf and my experience of connecting to this beautiful creature has had a profound effect on my life’s journey. He has come to me many times in dreams and is the inspiration for this site.

From my earliest childhood memory of stories about God and Goddesses, hero’s and fairies I too have always been in contact with the energies of our mother earth.

The many stories told of my grandmother, how, under the guise of afternoon tea, would read tea leaves, cards and palms for neighbours and friends. It was the depression years and these types of gatherings brought joy and meaning to the people who had come from near and far to have her do their reading.

During my early childhood I spent some time in hospital after an accident. I had to learn to do everyday things all over again. This was the time where I learnt the power of stories. A nurse who worked on the ward would come and tell me stories about the Celts and other ancient cultures. Stories told about Cuchulain the Ulster hero, Dagda, Brigit, Preoserphine, and Beowulf to name a few. These stories gave me great comfort and strength. They gave me a path to healing. I didn’t realise it back then but I had learnt how to create my own reality from my intention and imagination. Like Riverwolf I could connect to realms outside my man made little world.

I never forgot these stories and over my life, whether I was studying or working overseas, I have always been close to and indeed have continued to follow this path of discovering the mysteries of these other energy realms. In my day to day practice I love to incorporate tarot readings, meditation, animal spirits, healing drumming, charka work, Reiki and herbs. My fascination and love has always been of symbols and characters and so my study and reading of the Tarot and other divination tools over the years has been enriched with their history, beautiful art, stories, science, and the possibilities for healing. For me the Tarot is a tool of insight, passion, divination, and story-telling.

This site is a means of sharing with others some of my experiences, Riverwolf’s spirit, and teachings I have been so fortunate to have received.

All voices are important in our small but ever growing metaphysical community.

That means your voice as well as mine; all evolving as teachers and students; so we can create new universal hero’s and dreams that will enrich the lives of others who follow us.