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  Sharing Your Life with Tarot
This wonderful expression has been one of the drivers of my ever deepening relationship with the Tarot. I have used the Tarot in my life as a tool for my development not only spiritually but also in practical ways in finding searching for solutions to obstacles in my day to day life. [read entire article]
  The Problems of Tarot Reading for Oneself
I am writing this article with the concept of the reading being that of a Tarot Spread rather than some personalised individual relationship you may be using from time to time with your Tarot cards. For example, one can meditate on a particular card letting its image and power just rise up in your awareness. [read entire article]
  Which Tarot Spread is Best for my Query?
This is very much like the question “How long is a piece of string?” However there are some good methods of working your way through the maze of countless spreads. I’d like to begin by saying that in my experience one size does not fit all. [read entire article]
  When Should you get a Tarot Reading?
Tarot readings work best when you are at a crossroad or a pivotal point in your life , or when you feel that some directional guidance would be of assistance. But that is not to say that a Tarot reading can’t be done just for the sheer pleasure of connecting with the universal energies. Let’s face it, having a Tarot reading can be fun and can bring some joy and insight into our lives. [read entire article]
  Keeping a Tarot Journal
Writing a journal, a book of shadows or a diary is a very powerful tool for helping one’s emotional and spiritual growth. I have several journal sets, one of which is my collection of tarot journals. I have several volumes of tarot journals as I have kept these precious writings since my journey with tarot began. [read entire article]
  The Power of Reiki Distant Healing
Our body is comprised of many energies all vibrating at different speeds and creating their own unique frequency. Our physical body, thoughts, emotions, and spiritual centre, all vibrate at their own particular frequency or speed. This energy can be seen as our aura; it surrounds our body and makes our energetic information flow possible. [read entire article]