Dear Tarot Client,

All my Tarot Readings are presented in a safe and confidential environment. To make a booking for an in person Tarot Reading please go to Contact Riverwolf. I will answer your request within 24 hours. If you cannot come to my reading room in person you can enjoy a tarot reading via my web-site by choosing the Tarot Room option. See the examples and choose from the many different spreads.

If you feel none of the spreads in the Tarot room suit your needs (Which Tarot Spread ) we can discuss making a specific spread. My aim when reading is to always be able to pass on to you information that supports you in your life.

There's nothing quite like a Tarot reading to help you find new possibilities. Whenever you feel in need of some important answers, self-empowerment or new insights relating to an area in your life a tarot reading will help you get some control over your destiny.

If you have chosen to have a reading via "The Tarot Room", at the time of payment (secure PayPal site) you will receive an automatic response to let you know your request has been received. I will follow up with a personal email for a little information and talk about how your cards can be chosen so we can begin our Tarot journey.

The net is rich with sites about having your cards read and I have tried quite a few - with mixed success. I have found that it is important for me personally to have contact with my reader, and I like to be able to clarify some points if I need to. When these elements are in place I have found that I do have a strong feeling of connection with my online reader. And so I offer to you the same connections and clarity that I have liked and found on various other sites - in ways that I hope will resonate for you.

I have several different Tarot Decks but unless there is a special request I always use the Rider Waite Smith deck for readings. You will receive a visual picture of your spread and I do not use computer generated readings – your Tarot reading is always personally done. Contact Rverwolf and experience a Tarot journey.