Tarot Room
(Readings from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck)
Three Card Exploration Spread - $18.00 - Examples

An empowering spread that allows you to explore the elements that are working in your life and what needs working on. You can create the positional elements yourself or use the traditional (1) Past, (2) Present, (3) Future.


Eight Card Action Spread - $38.00 - Examples

This spread can be used to answer questions or pinpoint a course of action. An excellent spread for designing positional elements relating to career or relationship topics.


Twelve Card Celtic Cross Spread - $60.00 - Examples

Traditionally laid out in a Celtic Cross shape. You can design positional elements that allow the spread to give detailed information relating to a question or specific topic. It is also an excellent spread for general readings and your life's journey and will imply a certain course of action to be taken.

Twenty One Card Gypsy Spread - $95.00 - Examples

This spread uses 3 rows of 7 cards. It presents an in depth and meaningful narrative of your life and can represent new direction (the past, present and future), or one continuous narrative.